Mixing and matching materials has always been one of the core strengths of Titto. For autumn/winter 2018 designer Sandra Buyck decided to play into TittoÂ’s unique strength and amplified TittoÂ’s endless combinations. From natural to semiprecious stones, from leather to fur details and from fabric to resin, Sandra let her imagination run wild and surprised us with new techniques, shapes and combinations. A new addition this season were the astonishing ceramic elements that proved to tie in neatly with all of TittoÂ’s other natural elements.

As a designer and creative chameleon, Sandra is always looking for new and innovative ways to surprise and amaze the Titto woman. While spring/summer 2018 was focused on creating a younger and more dynamic approach, autumn/winter 2018 started from the idea of evolving and maturing as a woman.

By focusing on a more mature image, Sandra uncovered a new sense of elegance and class in Titto’s designs, while at the same time remaining playful, approachable and young. This timeless aesthetic translated into four unique themes, of which each has a clear sense of inspiration and ideas behind it. While ‘Winter Warmth’ focuses on warm and sultry shades that seduce your senses, ‘Snowball’ offers a fresh and modern take on muted pastels. ‘Spices of Life’ takes you along on an exotic trip to uncover the hidden treasures of faraway cultures and ‘Into the Night’ adds a necessary touch of drama to the season. For every theme, there’s a wild array of options in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves available that can be combined within each theme or across the different moods.

Titto not only evolves each season, but also grows alongside you. Each season the Titto woman is surprised by new combinations and colours and each season Titto faces the challenge to amaze you once again. Keep adding to your collection, keep mixing what you already own. Evolve. Grow. Let your own imagination run wild and help us surprise you for seasons to come.


Embracing natural materials, pushing boundaries, searching for new and innovative designs, introducing new materials and most of all: evolving to surprise. When we look at everything thatÂ’s behind TittoÂ’s autumn/winter 2018 collection itÂ’s amazing that the brand maintained to stay true to its key identity and vision. With all of the seasonÂ’s novelties and innovations, designer Sandra Buyck managed to help Titto mature into a new version of itself.

While TittoÂ’s goal for AW18 was to introduce a new sense of class and femininity, Titto still believes in its philosophy, one where you can break the rules, play with different textures and combine in an overall more is more approach.

One of the new additions this season is the usage of astonishing ceramic elements, something that ties in neatly with TittoÂ’s existing love for natural materials ranging from semiprecious stones to rubber, leather, fur and faux-fur. The goal is simple and the same as every season: dare to play, dare to be Titto.


Winter Warmth

This season, Titto focuses on warm and sultry shades. From raspberry to crimson and magenta, TittoÂ’s lady in red is sure to take centre stage during AW18.

As the colour of lust and love, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for these charming hues. Let wine-coloured bangles dance in the light or pair a glossy silk scarf with seductive feather-trimmed earrings to dance the night away. These ‘winter warmth’ favourites will undoubtedly turn the heat up in every room you walk into.

Spices of life

Allow yourself to dream of faraway places, immense heat and roaming camels and break away from the more traditional autumn/winter vibes. This AW18 Titto takes you along on exotic trips to Morocco, India and Spain where colour palettes are experimental, innovative and free.

Jewellery in strong graphic patterns is paired with mosaic-inspired, multicoloured natural and semiprecious stones while rich mocha and coffee hues tantalise the remaining senses. These one-of-a-kind treasures help to celebrate your individuality and sense of style while dreaming of your next holiday escape.


Pastel shades can have an overly sweet and almost annoyingly girly connotation, but they also create a modern freshness when integrated into the cold winter months. For AW18 Titto executes off-white, dusty pink, pale peach and soft blue shades with a muted softness that pairs perfectly with their rich scarf textures and sparkly touches of jewellery.

While itÂ’s up to furry pompon details and sleeveless faux-fur bomber jackets to keep you warm all season long, necklaces and bracelets in shining pastel semiprecious stones and soft-coloured beads will inject the necessary amount of luxury and femininity into your outfits. Whether you are actually going to a magical snow ball dance or curling up next to the fire, this subdued palette will be your go-to style to match those ice-cold winter days.

Shadow of the night

This AW18 Titto explores autumn’s dark side with accessories in ash grey, charcoal, midnight blue and moody purple. Since Titto always manages to steer clear from overly theatrical inspiration its ‘Shadow of the night’- inspiration reminds nothing of gothics and vampires but is instead full of chic boudoir references and Victorian-inspired moods.

Romanticise over botanical inspired earrings and shapes that add a sense of softness to this gloomy atmosphere. Bundle up in luxurious printed scarves that double as a cape or add a dash of drama to an understated outfit with a statement necklace. Embrace the theatrics of AW18 and explore your own dark side.

Limited scarf collection

As a visionary multitasker, designer Sandra Buyck has a massive database of personal work ranging from photographs to collages, drawings and sketches that are used as inspiration throughout her work. For AW18, Titto decided to create an extra limited edition collection to offer the Titto woman something unique and one of a kind. SandraÂ’s colourful database was therefor repurposed to create a mini capsule collection of exclusively printed wearable artworks suitable for every occasion from day to night. These uniquely printed scarves, come in five unique designs in luxurious materials like silk, wool and cotton. They make beautiful gifts for special events, for your loved ones or just to spoil yourself that little bit extra.

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