When Sandra Buyck joined Titto as a designer, she immediately acknowledged Titto's strengths and unique DNA. The Belgian brand is known for its endless mixing and matching of materials and playful, surprising designs as well as its use of natural and semiprecious stones. A clean slate was never necessary, however, Sandra did come across the seasonal challenge to keep surprising the Titto woman with new styles that match her personal style evolution.

This autumn/winter 2019 season, Titto is embracing our love for the usage and respect of natural elements by focusing even more on one Titto's key characteristics: natural and semiprecious stones. While they have always been a part of Titto's designs, the integration of these natural stones is omnipresent throughout the AW19 collection.

These colourful stones enhance the natural elements of Titto's collection ranging from leather and fabric elements to colourful fur pompons and beaded details. Aside from bringing the designs to a higher level, these natural and semiprecious stones are stepping up their own game on a whole other level, namely: their colour nuances. For AW19 Titto's natural stones no longer stick to one colour scheme, but up the ante by showcasing different hues within the same stone, sometimes even with gold or silver tones for an even more festive approach.

This colourful approach is typical for Titto and is felt throughout the different seasons and different themes within each season. Where 'Botanical blue' takes you on a walk through a moonlight lit winter garden, 'Amber green' brings warmth and golden hues to the season. 'Queen of hearts' adds more feminine and romantic tones into the season's mix and 'Winterbird' in its turns provides a necessary indulgence of cosiness and soft to the touch materials. As you've grown used to, each theme comes with a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves that can be mixed in and outside each of the set colour palettes and moods.

While it's Titto's and Sandra's mission to keep surprising the Titto woman, it's you that continues to surprise Titto. Each Titto woman is known to mix, match and style each item in her own particular ways, according to her own style and aesthetic for the day. That's what we hope for, that's what we love. Stay yourself, be true to yourself and style Titto your own unique way.


Titto's autumn/winter 2019 collection offers so many new options and choices that it's hard to believe that designer Sandra Buyck still had time to sleep. From pompon hats and leather gloves with fur details to luxurious ponchos, duelling textures, new practical closures systems and innovative new necklace designsÂ… everything was done to surprise the Titto woman while remaining true to Titto's vision and identity.

The Belgian brand's motto for 'more is more' can, therefore, be felt in the entire collection. More natural stones, more semiprecious stones, more colour, more texture... In other words: more fun. This approach allows the Titto woman more than ever to style each item according to her mood and to interpret each seasonal theme her own way.

The new seasonal additions can be found within the various themes. While the soft fur and faux-fur elements are ever present in the fluffy 'Winterbird' collection, metallic and golden touches and sparkles can be found in romantic 'Amber green' and seductive 'Queen of hearts'. 'Botanical blue' in its turn embraces the floral elements in dainty earrings and flower leaflet laser cuts.

While each theme has its own colour palette and vision, the fun and Titto spirit lies within the endless combinations you can make within and outside of each theme. By mixing and matching you can create your own unique vision, from 'Queen of birds' to 'Amber botanical'.


Botanical blue

Picture a flourishing garden. Lush plants and flowers are cascading from walls, and climbing up trees. Birds are circling around the air while butterflies and dragonflies float above the ground. Keep imagining this garden but bring in the cool light from the moon, adding a blue and sparkling filter to the setting. Enveloping the scene in an icy silver shade.

This pretty picture was the starting point for Titto's 'Botanical blue' theme this autumn/winter 2019. It translated easily into an icy colour palette of deep and lighter blues and petals and leaves as inspiration for jewellery designs. This collection is just as enchanting as it sounds and will add just the right amount of magic to your winter outfit.

Amber Green

For autumn/winter 2019, Titto's green hues range from khaki to olive to deep emerald. By combining them with warm gold tones, you almost feel as if you are part of a romantic Gustav Klimt painting, embracing the hues as they embrace each other. The combination feels daring and provocative while remaining elegantly timeless and feminine.

'Amber green' allows you to dream off to far away places by drawing inspiration from botanical kimono prints, animal prints and nature itself. Tying all of those elements together in colourful scarves, sparkling necklaces, fluffy bracelets and statement earrings.

Queen of hearts

Ruby, crimson, candy apple red, hot pink, ... There are numerous shades of red and pink that you could hastily throw together and it would still work. That's why Titto decided to look at the entire red spectrum for its autumn/winter 2019 season to add some sexy, feminine shades to the mix.

By combining the different shades of red and pink with warm golden tones, 'Queen of hearts' injects luxury into your daily outfit, but with an unexpected amount of edge and sass. These earrings with natural and semiprecious stones, leather gloves with fur details and pendant chokers combined with long beaded necklaces will surely win the way to your heart... or the heart of your loved one!


In a season where dark colours seem to be everyone's fail-safe style, there's something tranquil and surprisingly chic about light colours, pastels and white. While light and white clothing require a stain remover as a backup, jewellery does not. Plus they combine just as easily with that winter white outfit as they do with a safer dark outfit.

To keep these lightly coloured jewellery and accessories eye-catching and surprising, soft and tactile elements were added to the 'Winterbird' collection. Fluffy materials, furs, faux-furs, playful pompons, trimmed ponchos and gloves, ... They all embrace the light colour palette while asking to be touched.

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