Fall/Winter 2020 is already the seventh season for designer Sandra Buyck at Belgian brand Titto. Where the first seasons were about discovering each other and finding the balance between Titto's DNA and Sandra's vision, the two are now so in sync that it's hard to distinguish where Titto ends and Sandra begins.

Still, this steady balance between the two shouldn't be interpreted as a form of status quo. By sharing a united vision, the brand and Sandra can focus on bringing each other to new levels. One element that never changes, though, is their unified love for natural and sustainable materials. When thinking of new ways to celebrate uniqueness and individuality, Titto and Sandra always manage to keep this at the forefront of their innovation. Fall/Winter 2020 is, therefore, bolder and braver than ever.

For Fall/Winter 2020 the focus steered away from safe options and into showstopping eyecatchers. Each piece, whether it is a pair of earrings, a necklace, bracelet or scarf, had to make a statement. This doesn't mean that everything is supersized, it does mean that Titto nor Sandra was satisfied with good. Every piece of Fall/Winter 2020 had to be great. This can be found in its material choice, for which the focus on natural materials is omnipresent as we like to expect from Titto, colour selection and for the season's new additions.

The themes of Fall/Winter 2020 replicate that search for excellence. Where 'Crème de la crème' sought out a neutral luxury, 'Midnight charm' made it its mission to translate darkness into intrigue. 'Eco intelligence' and 'Spiced apple' played into Titto's cards for its love of nature, the allure of forbidden fruits, and the colour spectrum they have on offer.

It's not just Titto and Sandra that challenge each other. It's the Titto woman who challenges them. With her search for uniqueness. Her sense of individuality. Her playfulness that's translated into mixing and matching the collections and themes that are created. Her ability to run wild alongside us.


This Fall/Winter 2020, Titto's love for natural materials takes on new heights by drawing inspiration from nature as a whole. New stone additions like Dalmatian stone, polar jade and square agate, irregular shapes, leather and metallics are all mixed together to create a fascinating duality that is as strong as the difference between fire and ice.

The love for nature is also apparent in the choice of colours of the season that are woven throughout the different themes. Soft shades of sand were the starting point of 'Crème de la crème' where neutrals are given the goal to make every woman feel cool and chic. 'Midnight charm' took a look at a dark and starry night to play with deepest shades of blues and greys and find ways to make them glisten and shine as if they're lit up from within. On the complete opposite of the spectrum, mother nature is brought to life in broad daylight in 'Eco intelligence', matching colours from the rainforest to a faraway desert. Sounding as delicious as it looks, 'Spiced apple' riffed off on different tints of red in order to make you fall in love with the allure of forbidden fruits.

While each theme has its own clear vision and mood, Titto's strength lies in the endless possibilities of mixing and matching inside and outside of the themes. That way, the Titto woman has the power to create her own universe within Titto's seasonal vision. A deep blue scarf offset by bloodred earrings, a neutral statement necklace with fabric flowers countered by olive green beaded braceletsÂ… There's no limit to your imagination, which is why there's no limit to our possibilities.


Crème de la crème

Titto's first source of inspiration for Fall/Winter 2020 is best captured by the French phrase 'Crème de la crème'. This literally translates to 'cream of the cream' or as its expression 'best of the best'. In this unique case, though, both the literal translation and expression are applicable to describe the season's mood. With 'Crème de la crème' Titto picked out the most beautiful neutral shades from cream to camel and beige to taupe to create a timeless elegance that is both cool and chic.

This minimal approach in various shades of sand will allow you endless combinations and stacking possibilities. Scarves as soft as the tones they're knitted in, luxuriously beaded bracelets, fluffy pompon details and natural stones all play together in FW20's top-to-toe tans.

Midnight charm

Remember how you never wanted to go to bed as a kid? Titto understands why, as night time had a whole new set of intrigue on offer. Shadows that play on your walls glistening in the light of the moon. Crickets and birds that are having secret meetings in the grass that echo into the night and create stories in your mind. For Fall/Winter 2020 Titto translated the night's dark cover into an alluring theme that will cause you to link darkness to beauty forever. In 'Midnight charm' the darkest shades of blue and grey are brought to life as if the stars themselves were tasked to brighten them.

Natural stones, resin, metallics, matte and glossy finishes are handpicked in deep and captivating dark shades, but within their depth, a shimmering and intriguing quality unravels and makes it impossible to look away. A unique kind of charm that's captivating in the eye of every beholder. 

Eco Intelligence

Titto's passion for mother earth and natural materials has been present throughout every collection. This Fall/Winter 2020, the love reaches a new level by taking literal inspiration from our planet's offerings. In 'Eco intelligence' it are the colours and wonders of our majestic earth that inspired endless combinations.

Green shades that belong in the rainforest are met by deep desert hues and intertwined with soft safari sunsets in ambient yellows. Shades that never meet in reality are introduced to and next to each other as if it was mother nature's plan all along.

Spiced apple

Adam and Eve, Snow WhiteÂ… apples have a way of speaking to our imagination. For Fall/Winter 2020 Titto looked into the different shades of red of a mouth-watering polished apple to create a colour palette that ranges from hot chili pepper to cranberry and merlot.

'Spiced apple' found its way into red beads that create dangling necklaces and shimmering bracelets, waited to be loved as passionately as the colour itself. Rich red scarves captured the apple's glistening effect with metallic threads while marble-effect resin sways from earrings. Who knew one bite could create all of this?

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