When Belgian brand Titto hired Sandra Buyck as its designer, they knew that Titto would benefit from a breath of fresh air, a new daring creativity and constantly evolving inspiration. While Sandra always stays true to Titto's DNA, from the collections to the brand's photography, she also dares to push the limits and goes through the same evolutional proces as the Titto woman.

Last Autumn/Winter 2019, the focus was placed on Titto's love for natural materials, and its use of natural and semiprecious stones. This season, this love for qualitative, natural elements remains a strong focal point within the collections but is further enhanced by the endless plays on colours and mixes of different natural materials. The additions of freshwater pearls and natural preserved flowers are the biggest and most noticeable addition to make this vision come to life for Spring/Summer 2020.

Each Spring/Summer 2020 theme embraces this exploration of colour, nature and variety. From 'Modern Prairie' to 'Aurora Borealis', 'Peach Sorbet' and 'Midnight tropics', they all transport you to an colourful summer setting with endless possibilities of elements and combinations. As always, Titto stays true to its DNA by giving you a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves within each theme that can be mixed in and outside of the set colour palettes and moods.

Alongside the Titto woman, Sandra keeps exploring different possibilities. They challenge each other. Our goal is to inspire you with each new collection, as you inspire us with each way you style our pieces.


Titto has always been about colour, but this Spring/Summer 2020 those colours truly come to life. Designer Sandra Buyck imagined new colour combinations and variations by drawing inspiration from her travels, memories, feelings that are connected to summer and and the available natural materials. Each hue is selected to give you that joyful summer feeling that we all crave year-round.

The Titto woman will feel that Sandra drew inspiration from different summer settings and situations throughout the collections. On the one hand, it becomes clear through the season's key colours emerald, lilac, peach and caramel, but it also shows within the natural choices of materials that all radiate that summer spirit in their own way. Semiprecious stones, natural stones, freshwater pearls, gorgeous delicate preserved flowers, colourful resin and agateÂ… Each item champions its uniqueness on its own and within the different possible combinations.

Each material and colour also finds its way into a Spring/Summer 2020 theme. Where 'Modern prairie' embraces the soft, tonal shades of the earth and plays with material mixes, and detachable fabric flowers. In 'Peach sorbet' pink, red and orange hues come to life in sweet, delicate ways. 'Midnight tropics' transports you to a deserted island, filled with sunset hues, freshwater pearls and shimmering natural stones that reflect the light. And the magic truly comes to life in different tones of blue, green and metallic within 'Aurora borealis'.

Each Spring/Summer 2020 theme takes inspiration from a different vibe or situation, but can be combined endlessly with other themes and colour palettes. Let your imagination run wild and go for a 'Peach borealis' or a 'Tropic prairie'. If you ask us, even the sky is not the limit.


Modern Prairie

When you hear the word prairie, your mind immediately races to cowboys straddling on a horseÂ’s back, dusty sceneries and far reaching meadows filled with wild flowers and buzzing bees. But for Spring/Summer 2020, Titto took a modern take on the theme, by elevating its references into clean lines and delicate, earth-inspired colours.

Each item within ‘Modern Prairie’ seems like a small story, revealing intricate details about its wearer. Whether it’s a bracelet that mixes materials like metal and leather, a necklace with delicate semiprecious stones or a scarf with playful tassels, its authenticity is what makes it stands out.

Peach Sorbet

Is there anything that says Spring/Summer 2020 as much as a sweet and refreshing ‘Peach sorbet’? Just hearing the theme’s title brings the right imagery to mind. Warm and soft tones that range from pink to apricot to deep red and feel as thoughtfully indulging as the dessert itself.

While the colour exuberates a soft, feminine delicacy in the scarves, they are also bold and strong within the jewellery collection. Colourful pendants, shimmering natural stones and floral earrings as sweet as the theme will have you mouth-watering in seconds.

Midnight tropics

This season, Titto keeps takes you through amazing Spring/Summer sceneries. Even those who are spending their vacation behind their laptop at work will have the feeling of a tropical, deserted island at sunset when donning items from the ‘Midnight tropics’ collection.

Drawing inspiration from a tropical sunset, this theme explores the different shades of a vibrant sun setting in the ocean, going from orange, yellow and lilac to dark shades of pink and magenta. The theme comes to life within the shimmer of semiprecious stones and mat, colourful metals, but also soft and vibrant scarves that float in the wind capture the energy perfectly. All thatÂ’s left to do is closing your eyes and imagining those rustling ocean waves.

Aurora Borealis

Is there anything more magical than nature’s Northern lights? Only a few people are as lucky to witness this polar light spectacle in reality, but luckily Titto found a way to translate its alluring blue and green colour palette into a tangible collection for Spring/Summer 2020, ‘Aurora borealis’.

While capturing its magnificence can be a hard challenge, the references to this theme can be found within all the elements of this collection. Where the scarves use metallic thread to recreate the magical display, it are the natural colour graduations within semiprecious stones in combination with metal that bring the earthÂ’s sky display to life within the jewellery. Unique and alluring, we promise you wonÂ’t keep your eyes off this.

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